Emblem Athletic has been a leader in custom gear innovation for the Services and First Responders since 2017. It's been our mission to reinvent the way great teams get their customized gear by removing all the hassle from the process.

Our simple 4 step system removes the need for Team Leaders to collect rosters, sizes, or payment from their team members. No more passing out gear or keeping boxes in the team office. We handle everything from design through delivery, and we do it without burdensome minimum order requirements most gear makers force on units.


Emblem's leadership and staff are located across the country (and some around the world), but we share a common goal - to make extraordinary gear for those serve.

Our unique team combines design and apparel industry experts to create an organization built to deliver on our singular focus and relentless drive.

We put Service first, both in the customers we seek and the way we treat them. And we're just getting started.